Monday, December 10, 2007

Civilizations Before Earlier Polar Meltdowns

Several pictures from the most recent archaeological dig at Catal Hoyuk in Turkey are posted above this entry (Monday and Tuesday postings. While this blogposting reports on the latest old city to compare with Catal Hoyuk, as it gains world wide attention.

The BBC has recently published information about the ancient city that was discovered of the coast of India while engineers and scientists were study pollution. I am glad this Indian site, on the western side of peninsula in the Bay of Cambay, is finally being publicized. It is very exciting because these cultures don't just spring up fully formed...they must grow and develop.

This new discovery in the Gulf of Cambay will help people learn more about our human history, and how a previous melting of the polar ice caps covered cities and civilizations around the globe.

This site, found in the Bay of Cambay, has at least one sister city. Catal Huyuk and its discovery broke the 6,000 year barrier for civilizations and cities. Now places like Cambay will be more easily accepted.

Here are several links that will provide information about the 9,500 year old city that was discovered over 50 years ago by James Mellart and has been studied by Ian Hodder and his world renowned team since 1993.

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