Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SciFiFry: In a Parallel Universe

One of the excellent members of the Wired Science blog team, Damon Gambuto, will be blogging about Science Fiction books each Friday. He will have plenty to blog about, and this series could continue forever.

When I read his blog, it reminded me of that Environmental Blogging Day I participated in last October. Many bloggers who love science fiction and science could write about science fiction on Friday. This is an idea that could work, especially if we had a bit of organization behind it...a widget or a badge to a weblink that listed all science fiction friday bloggers who are members of the Wired Science group. This is only a kernel of an idea, but I think it would be really cool!

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neochonetes said...

Here is my response to Damon Gambuto's trackback blog posting at

This Wired Science format(that Damon Gambuto is initiating) intrigues me, and I will be happy to read your Science Fiction Friday. Greg Bear is a good author. I agree, like Gibson, Bear is an intellectual.

Yes, I had heard in the past that a group of science fiction authors were in talks with the Defense Department.

Even though military science fiction is usually not my cup of tea, I have been REALLY impressed with the new Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell.

The third of the series, Lost Fleet: Courageous, just came out this month, and I can't wait until it gets here. Each book is named after one of the ships in his Lost Fleet series: Dauntless, Fearless and Courageous.

Jack Campbell parlays his naval experience and his knowledge of science very well in his explanations of ship movements w/red shift and blue shift. Because he uses REAL science to develop his analogous futuristic stories, he makes these stories very visual appealing.

In another life, Jack Campbell is a retired Naval officer with actual experience on his side.

It's all about the science and adventure;)