Saturday, December 15, 2007

11 yrs old select MW word of year

New Clipper! Welcome! Cool stuff, errata. Thank goodness, I was concerned by the selection of W00t Wordie looks to be an excellent new social networking. I think I like it, so I will check it out. Why don't you?
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I know it's not cool to be a prescriptivist, but can I just say that Merriam-Webster picked the dumbest [*#%&@!+] word in the universe as their Word of the Year 2007? I'm aware that M-W itself didn't make the choice, the eleven year olds who use their web site did, but isn't that why they have all those lexicographers lying around?
I didn't say anything, because I didn't have anything nice to say. Actually I have one nice thing to say, which is that some of the comments on Wordie's page for it are pretty good, including the links to various etymologies, and, especially, the prior art from Chaucer. But I got a few more emails today and figured, fine, I'll uncork myself and spew some bile.
I'm not even sure I don't like the word, but I hate that they picked it, and I'm not alone. It's not just the winner that sucks, it's the whole list.
The only good word of the lot is Pecksniffian,
M-W got voted off
replaced by OneLook
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