Friday, December 14, 2007

Mashable Marks Clipcast

This reviewer dosn't get it either, but I guess it's no different than those who live it and don't get it.
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Let’s hear that in marketingese: “The introduction of the ClipCast is the most exciting development in Clipmarks’ history, because it represents our evolution from a centralized Web site to a distributed platform for sharing the information that matters most to people,” says Eric Goldstein, CEO and co-founder of Clipmarks.


I apologize for taking the reviewer’s easy way out with this comparison, but it all boils down to a widgetized version of Tumblr, and I must say I’m not particularly impressed. This third degree of separation (original website - your smallified version of it - widget) just feels too confusing, and I’m not sure I can find much value in it. Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but I’d rather simply browse through someone’s bookmarks.

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