Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Parent Approved! 100% Kid-Safe Lead Free Paint

I saw the interview of Mike Whitworth the owner of this company on CNBC today; Whittle Shortline Railroad is located in Louisiana, MO; all toys must be sent to outside inspectors to check various safety issues, including toxicity of materials. They have lots of cool toys and you can order through their website. will have their toys on their website after December 5, 2007, according to this CNBC report. Here is the URL for this cool interview.
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America's Handcrafted Wooden Railroad Whittle SHortline Railroad

For generations, the story of The Little Engine That Could has been told and retold to
countless children and now the story comes to life with these solid hardwood toys.
Our Little Engine toys are of heirloom quality and will be passed down from generation to

These Little Engine toys are compatible with Brio and Thomas track but can also operate
without track. A simple adjustment to the Blue Engine's Wheels and the train is ready
for the kitchen floor or grandma's coffee table.
The Little Engine That Could Set, Book and Oval
The Little Engine That Could Set, Book and free shipping
Purchase the entire set of The Little Engine That Could toys and receive the Book.
The Little Engine That Could Toy Set and Book.
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