Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tech - Gadget: New to Whom?

Not all new gadgets are appropriate for everyone. ...
Not all new gadgets are appropriate for everyone. OK! We all know that, but it never hurts to "....say it to me one more time!"

While my teenage daughter and I are ready for some type of PDA or Iphone, our rural area makes it almost impossibly impractical. We know that will change. In the meantime, we have bumped our cell phone capabilities up a notch to the Samsung Sync level.

After spending days at CNET, ATT, and Samsung websites, she and I decided to order three Syncs. We have decided that we will upgrade to texting, messaging, twittering, and image sending. Then we will set back and wait for our area to increase WiFi coverage or data access on a family plan.

I have owned a tablet PC for almost four years now, so I know how handy portable, yet powerful gadgets can be. I love the integrated WiFi, the writing to text converter and other hardware and software tools too numerous to mention.

At the end of the past century, one of my friends used to tell me we were on the leading edge of technology in our teaching and our area of the state. She was right, BUT being a pioneer can get very lonely. If some troubles crop up, you have to solve them yourself. Sometimes the problems were so serious, it might shut down clusters of equipment. This lead us to rename our dubious status as being on the "Bleeding Ledge". This was a grand learning experience and a character builder.

Since then, I have become more relaxed with problems, ALMOST welcoming. You know they are inevitable, but, with persistence and adaptability, you can usually solve them.
So, the Samsung Sync may not be the latest trend, but it is out there towards the edge of the trends in gadgets.

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