Sunday, November 4, 2007

General Philosophy on Operating Systems

While I have used Apples and Windows operating systems, I am leaning towards opensource on everything computer related. Most scientists and many colleges use Linux based operating systems. IBM has released its new open source office software, Symphony, so there is really no reason to use either of the other operating systems.
Most people like to use the operating system they have used the most, or the one they have had the most success in operating.

Right now, I have a Gateway Tablet Notebook designed by Motion Computing, and I love its flexibility, speed and reliability.

I personally have never ever had a problem with any of my 4 Gateway computers that I purchased new, but I also know people who purchased Gateway's most economical, least capable versions. They are usually the people who didn't like Gateway's products and/or had "trouble".

Now, my first computer was a Packard Bell, and it didn't even have an operating system as we know them today....just a really cool GUI.

All of my computers are still working.

My recommendation to anyone who is thinking about changing their computer system is that you build your own NEW can have more power and more flexibility. Build your computer with capabilities to match the operating system of your choice. There are many videos, blogs, websites and TV programs that have specific instructions for how to build your own.

I purchase my computer parts and related gadgets from NEWEGG. Their prices are more than reasonable, and their service has been excellent.

It seems to me that anyone can research, explore and develop a personal computer system that is best suited for their needs, now and in the future.

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