Sunday, November 4, 2007

External Hard Drives: Delicate Need Not Apply

Since I have a tablet notebook, I need to have removable devices that are easy to install, use and disconnect. So began the quest for a durable, yet economical external hard drive.

When I decided to add external data storage to my computer systems, I didn't realize how many were delicate devices that may not withstand movement of any kind. I needed a workhorse, a data storage unit that could be moved frequently without breaking. I found just such a workhorse, a sturdy, easy-to-use, dependable, external hard drive made by Western Digital, called "My Book".

I researched hard drives at CNET, and I discovered that all hard drives in the My Book series are highly rated. I ended up with the 320GB My Book Essential Edition.

This external hard drive is fantastic. I bought this one from Sam's Wholesale Club for $129.00 in July of 2007. While there were other cheaper hard drives. this one was sturdy, fast and dependable.

Now, the price of this hard drive has decreased. It would be an even better deal.

To hook up this hard drive, I plugged it into the electrical outlet, then into my APC USB Port Dock and that was it. My computer found the device and started it up. SUCCESS!

Each time I turn my computer on, the "My Book" hard drive comes on, and this external hard drive shuts down when I shut down the computer. Some people mentioned problems with that in the reviews, but I haven't had any trouble. The manufacturer's instructions did have directions for how to overcome that issue, if you have it.

I was so happy to move my data to an external source. I have moved most of my archived pictures and documents that I don't need when I travel with my Tablet notebook.

The MyBook external data storage device is so efficient. I don't even notice. It is on and ready to save data effectively every time. To me that is the ultimate test of any gadget.

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