Thursday, October 25, 2007

RSS: Witchy Woman - Sometimes

Sometimes, I act in a witchy way. Yes, that is a play on words for the times I want to make a point, and the point is a complaint. Yes, a complaint...wwaaahaaahaaa...a bone to pick.

I have a bone to pick with bloggers who don't make their RSS feed easy to access. I have a bone to pick with bloggers who don't make their blog feeds accessible to a variety of feed readers. I have a bone to pick with the rss feed links that take me straight to My Yahoo! My Yahoo doesn't even know who they are right now, ooooh that is another witchy woman story.

Not only do I have a complaint about various rss feed faux paux, I wonder why they even bother? If you want people to subscribe to your blog, you should make the blog feed subscription links easy to use in as many reader formats as possible.

What do I want? What can make the witchy womany happy? Well, in a perfect world, there would be a little popup window or an icon that starts to flash faster (with a 10 second timer) on the blog guiding me click here to subscribe. Then the subscription will be sent directly to my reader, or I can request the reader I want to access for the subscription.

I am more likely to want to subscribe right away.....if I don't have to give my email address....If the blog is good, I will make time to comment...then the blogger will have my email address. Let's say hello and get to know each other before we show our personals.

Subscribing takes time, and I don't want to hunt around for the rss feed link. I know it's not a perfect world, and I have found some subscription methodologies that I do like. Wheuuw! Aren't I special? HAHAHA! Yes, today I am the Witchy Woman!

As a minimum fallback position, I want to have a noticeable rss feed icon, so I can easily copy the link location to paste in my feed reader. Not My Yahoo! They don't know who they are right now...oh yea! That's another story!

The best feed link I have seen is the type that gives me several feed reader options. I really like it when they include Pageflakes. If they don't, the link can usually be any other rss feed reader. Ahhhhhh!

I like this multiple option type of rss feed subscription setup so much that I have subscribed to blogs, just because of all these accoutrements.

BTW: These complaints apply to all other feed formats. The take away messages are: Is it easy to subscribe to your blog? Don't you want it to be an easy process?

MMMMhhhmmmm! While I am looking for the splinter in everyone else's proverbial blog eye, I guess I had better go check for any possible logs in my own blog subscription options, icons and opportunities. WWaaaaHHHaaaaHHHaaaaa!

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