Sunday, October 28, 2007

Left, Right and Center for Mother Earth News

Recently, while surfing the Mother Earth News blog postings, I encountered one that was discussing the environmental news of the day: Vice-President Al Gore receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on environmental issues through the years. I was very disappointed in the strength of the anger in some people's comments, and it really saddens me.

We have all heard the rhetoric about Vice-President Gore that personalizes the arguments, and many of the comments on this blog were no exception. I am tired of that.

I personally know that over the past two decades, people from both extremes of the political landscape have become scared, and they often react in anger. It is natural, part of the Fight or Flight mechanism. Don't be afraid. Remember, "Fear is the MindKiller!" In our nation's history, Americans solve problems by finding common ground. Let's all try. We may not be perfect at it, but we may find our lives improve just through the effort.

Here is my response to the Mother Earth News blog posting, What You Can Do About Global Climate Change , by Megan Phelps:

This blog posting really made an impression on people. It's too bad that that the Blog Action Day for the Environment post on October 15, 2007 was ignored by most Mother Earth readers.

Happily, I have noticed that people from all sides of the political spectrum read Mother Earth News. What is the common factor that holds us all together on the same boat? I believe it is our desire to use sustainable processes to save money, the environment or both.

Let's enjoy Mother Earth News. I doubt if anyone will agree with EVERY article that is written or the independent ideas of their guests, but it is still a great magazine. Let's be thankful that we have this wonderful forum in which to debate or add to the conversation about simple living on the Earth.

When I first subscribed again, I wondered how the new Mother Earth News would be in keeping with the traditions of the old. I have been pleasantly surprised, especially with their encouragement for smaller spaces, in urban and rural areas.

It is always easier to tear something or someone down than it is to contribute to a rational growth and development. That is why farmers and those who love nature are such rare birds these days. It seems to me that anyone, including Vice-President Gore, who helps people think about the environment, ecosystems and habitats, deserves our respect and should be commended.

I know there are those who love to hate. I would suggest that you "count to ten....then to one hundred", let your blood pressure decrease, and then try to rationally frame your arguments about the topic...

It seems to me that the internet often makes us feel anonymous, so it may seem easier to personalize our attacks. In fact, you are not really anonymous. Try to take the high road if you can. This often achieves more positive long term results for your argument.

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