Friday, October 19, 2007

Google Evil Eye

Need vs Want; I guess that is the real ? to be answered by our use of the internet.
Thinking it would help, I used to be very cautious about what information I gave out, but that became irrelevant when Google, started putting my address, phone number and a map to my home in my Googled name search results in 2002.
"Fear is the mind killer!" F. Herbert
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Does the Big G know too much about us?
I have not kept a journal. Yet, like many people, I do have a place where I regularly confide my fears, insecurities, and dreams:
Google is always willing to listen—and to cough up details about high-school classmates.
Illustration by Mark Alan Stamaty. Click image to expand.
Gmail exists in a murky privacy area.
Google servers "read" your e-mail to place the ads
Gmail may not be a protected communication in the same way that a letter sent through the postal service is
When I called Daniel Brandt, Google's most persistent and dedicated critic,
runs a site called Google Watch,
Brandt created a site called Scroogle, which allows you to query Google anonymously and returns search results without ads or other Google ad-ons.
So what? you might ask. Think back to the supposedly anonymous search logs released by AOL last year, which were quickly linked to individual users.
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