Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wipe the Memory Clean Before YOU Leave!

This is outrageous! If you want to access archives, you will need the old software to stay accessible w/o the service packs or hire a secretary to upgrade all your old files, OR SWITCH TO LINUX.
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Office 2003 update blocks older file formats

The latest service pack for Microsoft Office 2003 has made a range of older files inaccessible, including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, it emerged this week.
Office 2003 update blocks older file formats

Office 2003 Service Pack 3, which was made available in September, blocks a lengthy list of word-processing file formats, including Word 6.0 and Word 97 for Windows, and Word 2004 for Macintosh. It also blocks older versions of Excel, PowerPoint, Lotus Notes, Corel Quattro spreadsheet, and Corel Draw graphics package.

the blocking of them will make retrieval of archived material more difficult.

Microsoft released details of a work-around to restore access. The work-around requires changes to the registry, which could render a PC unusable if carried out incorrectly.
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