Thursday, January 17, 2008

Uncooperative? Another Taser Death

These stories are so heart wrenching!

I thought that the classical conditioning and the ease with which others could torture, ie the law enforcer, was explained and warned against in basic general psychology classes! What's up w/that?

The young man was in an accident, couldn't get to the airport to pick up his parents, and the patrolmen said he was agitated. REALLY? Can't imagine why!

It seems to me that many of these people are only tasered for the CONVENIENCE of the police. That is what happened to thepoor man killed in the US airport in 2007. The police could have left him in the room where he was until they could find a translator....BUT NO! They had to hit him w/electricity and continue to let it pulse through his body until he was fried....dead.
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A man died after state troopers stunned him with a Taser when they said he became "uncooperative" after being involved in a wreck.

The State Patrol said five troopers were placed on standard, administrative leave after the man's death Tuesday. A patrol spokesman would not describe what kind of "uncooperative" behavior was involved.

"This is a traumatic event for a lot of people," superintendent Tim O'Malley said. "Someone has died and in fairness to that person, the troopers, family members and others who may have been affected, we need to make sure that we're accurate and thorough."

The man who died was identified as Mark C. Backlund, 29, by his father, Gordon Backlund. He had been driving to the airport to pick up his parents, who were returning from a trip to Florida.

Peterson told the newspaper that State Patrol troopers began carrying Tasers about 18 months ago, mirroring their growing use among police departments nationwide.

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