Sunday, January 16, 2011

AppMakr Works for Amateur and Pro Mobile App Designers, Available for Android SOON

This is great. Amateurs, please remember not to suck up tons of data...or people won't use your app.

Behold! Announced at CES 2011! That ever-so-simple app creation service will soon be adding not only support for Windows Phone 7, but for Android as well. This service has been active for iOS for some time now (3,500 apps made on it so far,) and allows everyone from the well-versed to the complete newb designers to create pro-apps that they can then release on their own for FREE! Sounds too good to be true? It’s really sort of not!

Until now, you’ve only been able to sign up as an Apple Developer. This costs $99, and is paid to Apple. You’d have to do this no matter what system you were using to develop apps if you planned on sending them to Apple. We assume that the $25 regular fee for signing up as an Android developer will end up having to be payed down the road as well. One of the biggest reasons, let me tell you, that this whole system is exciting, is that this is reportedly the ONLY DIY application creation platform that requires NO CODING to develop mobile apps. It’s been wildly popular for developing for Apple, now it’s going to be on Android and WP7 – that’s big.


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