Friday, October 8, 2010

Life Should Be Fun

It only takes a kid and a bit of time to make these healthy snacks that are fun and healthy. Try them. I particularly like the "hand" pressed panini.

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Wholesome Snacks

It's snacktime! From pitas to pretzels to do-it-yourself parfaits, we've got everything you need to make snacktime delicious and nutritious for your child.

Healthy Snacks

Make an Edible Monster Mouth

Your child will love nothing more than combining his two favorite parts of the day: snack time and playtime! This crazy monster mouth is almost as fun to create as it is to ...

Bake Alphabet Pretzels!

In kindergarten, it's pretty much impossible to overdo alphabet practice. This fun baking activity offers hands-on practice, by making delicious pretzels in the shape of ...

Make a Grilled Cheese "Handwich"

Get your kids to give you a hand in the kitchen--literally!--by making fun grilled cheese sandwiches decorated with their handprints.


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