Friday, February 22, 2008


Ooh! I love George Carlin, and so does one of my newest fans. That is what I like about, it is TRULY a social networking system. may not be a synchronous social networking system, but it is a viable networking system among people with shared, common interests. These people can introduce you to a bookmark or a contact. If this new contact agrees that your common interests are shared, the person will connect with your network, as a mutual connection....not just a fan.

Today, I was checking my fan list. I usually travel to the fan's bookmarks to see why they are a fan. What social aspect of drew them to my bookmarks?

Was it a bookmark? What was the bookmark(s) that drew them to my network. I like to investigate that social aspect of the discovery of a new fan.

I also check the new fan's network. Sometimes, it was a shared contact that drew them to check out my bookmarks. See how social is?

Two very social ways to connect to another bookmarker:
(1)shared contacts AND/OR
(2)shared interests.
Isn't that how friending begins?

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